6 Tips for getting a job

“Don’t give up. Keep asking until someone says yes!” – Billie

It’s pretty common for employers in the trades to hire mates, or mates of mates. If you don’t know anyone working in the trades – like a dad, brother, or uncle – it can be tricky to get a foot in the door. Here are some other ways to open those doors.

  1. Get prepared.
    Decide which of the trades you’d like to focus on. Know what’s required for the role such as licences and key skills. Update your CV. Do some interview prep – know what the employer is looking for and know your strengths.
  2. Do some research on local tradespeople.
    Do a google search for trade businesses in your area. Read their reviews, find out about their business and the best person to contact, get in touch, introduce yourself, and make it known that you’re keen. Follow tradies on Instagram like @kiwiplumber @_joymaulu27 @jazz.greggschofield, @tradiegal @that.plastering.girl @tradesrivers @bulidingwithjordy, @roof_chick_nz
  3. Do a pre-trades course.
    If you have any concerns about your level of experience, a pre-trade training course can be a good idea. It will allow you to try a variety of different jobs to see which ones you’re interested in and give you a feel for the job without a long-term commitment.
  4. Volunteer.
    If you get the opportunity – or even better – create the opportunity, put your hand up for any on-the-job experience you can get. such as working as a labourer. Labouring work will give you a great taste of what to expect on-site and help you make some great connections.
  5. Attend a Women in Trades event.
    This is where training and industry organisations, employers, tradeswomen and trade suppliers can show you the endless possibilities of a trade career and the steps to take to get you there.
  6. Stay focussed.
    You might get a few knockbacks but ask for feedback and keep at it. Learn what you might need to improve on and keep a positive attitude. “Don’t give up. Keep asking until someone says yes!” – Billie. Auckland Tradeswoman.

But if you are lucky enough to know someone in the trades, the best thing you can do is ask them to introduce you to people looking to hire apprentices or tradespeople.