FAQ’s for Working in the Trades

There’s a lot of information out there and it can seem a bit overwhelming if you’ve only just started exploring a career in the trades. We’ve saved you some time and googling by gathering some links for some of the things we think you might want to know at this stage.

Your Questions Answered:

  1. Where can I see a list and some more information about all the construction and infrastructure jobs to consider?
  2. Is there an online tool to help me see which jobs might suit me best?
  3. Is there an online tool I can use to identify my transferable skills?
  4. Is there an online tool to create my CV from scratch?
  5. I can write my own CV. I just need a little help.
  6. Is there help available to get an apprenticeship?
  7. I’m still at school, is there any way I can experience what it’s like on a worksite?
  8. Are there trade events for women who are keen to learn more?
  9. Are there any Facebook groups to connect and network with women working in the trades?
  10. Are there scholarships or grants to cover the cost of training or tools?