Building Belonging: The Podcast

It’s 2023 and Aotearoa’s trade industry is still lacking diversity. So what’s making it so hard? What’s it like out there for tradies from diverse backgrounds? And what can we do as employers to make our sites safe and great places to be for everyone? Brought to you by TradeCareers, Building Belonging is a podcast series that explores the answers to these questions. We’ve also got videos and articles coming your way soon, so make sure to follow us at @tradecareersnz for all the latest.

Join co-hosts Genevieve Black and Chris Donnelly, as they talk about everything from port-a-loos to parental leave, to mental health and true diversity on site. Both with extensive building experience, they’ll speak to a whole range of experienced people, from both within the trades and from relevant fields outside of it. Equipping you with the practical tools needed to build an industry that’s strong, resilient and welcomes everyone to thrive.

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Check out what’s covered in the series below:

Episode One – Work In Progress: What's going on with the lack of diversity in the trades?

What's being done in Aotearoa to create a more inclusive future for our trade industry? What's changed over the last 30 years, and how do we compare with other countries? In this debut episode of Building Belonging, our hosts are joined by Stacy Mendonça from the National Association of Women in Construction, and Robbie Paul of Waihanga Ara Rau to discuss the current state of diversity within New Zealand's trade industry.

Episode Two – Cultural Respect & Safety: What does it look like on site?

‘Diversity and inclusion’ shouldn’t feel like a box-ticking exercise on site, but it can sometimes feel daunting for business owners. In this episode, Gen and Chris are joined by Sam Sefuiva, from Māori and Pasifika Trades Training and Georgina Connelly, general manager of Te Matarau Education Trust, to hone in on the benefits of a more diverse worksite.

Episode Three – Hiring Tradeswomen: What's holding us back?

It’s 2023 and we’re still seeing huge disparities in pay, representation and hiring women in the trades. Why?! We know more women want to get into the trades, but is it enough? In our third episode, we hear from industry leader Andrew Bellamy about his experience hiring tradeswomen. Then, Angela Meyer, explains what she believes needs to change to get more women and minorities into the trades.

Episode Four - Mental Health In The Trades: How can we look after each other?

Sadly, despite working in a high-risk environment, construction workers are still six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work. Genevieve and Chris speak to Co-Founder of Trade Up Collective, Jesse James, and Mates in Construction Field Officer James Sendall, to discuss what to do if you, a workmate or employee, are struggling with their mental health.

Episode Five - Parenting, Pregnancy and Periods: Three Ps that shouldn't be problems

What’s the experience like for those who identify as women once they actually make it on site? Chris and Genevieve explore the three often invisible Ps that can make staying in the job that much more difficult: parenting, pregnancy and periods. What can employers do? How can they help? We speak to Kat Kaiwai and Dr. Danielle Jones to find out.

Episode Six - Building Foundations: What does the future of the trades look like?

What do people look for in a trades job? What’s currently lacking? What do we want the future to look like? Gen and Chris set out to find the tools employers need to attract a more diverse workforce. Founder of Tradespeople, Emma Kaniuk, and Danny Mareko of Le Fale Skills Hub, share their thoughts on how we can pave the way for a more inclusive industry.