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From project management and logistics to being on the tools, there are lots of different jobs in the trades.


Apprenticeships are a great way of earning while you learn. There are now no fees to pay for these apprenticeships until the end of 2022.


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Elizabeth / Electrical Apprentice

Flora / Carpentry Apprentice

All of these Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s) are able to help give you advice and support if you want to become an apprentice.

BCITO manages more than 15 trades across the building industry.

Connexis manages the infrastructure sector that includes civil, energy, telco and water.

Skills manages a range of different trades, including electrical, plumbing, scaffolding and roofing.

Competenz manages 37 different industries including trades like fire protection, mechanical building services and heating and air conditioning.


Maybe you want more information about what it is like for women in the trades?

There are a range of different groups who have been working to help increase women’s participation in the trades. 


National Association of Women in Construction / They have a range of events and resources available. 

Ultimit — Women in Infrastructure / have lots of information and stories of women working in the industry. 

Women in Trades have stories and events and resources for women in the trades. 



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